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XSJADO Chris Farmer 4                                                                          XSJADO D.Wilson II

XSJADO Chris Farmer 4 *Complete*                            XSJADO D.Wilson II Typ M Setup

         XSJADO Pioneer

XSJADO Pioneer *Complete*

XSJADO Stockwell *Complete* 2010                                                         XSJADO Jeff Stockwell RED

XSJADO Stockwell *Complete*                      XSJADO Jeff Stockwell BootOnly red

         XSJADO Ben Schwab                                                 XSJADO Damien Wilson Complete Edition

XSJADO Ben Schwab Complete                         XSJADO Damien Wilson Complete Edition   

            XSJADO Farmer 09                                                                                   XSJADO Basic 09 

        XSJADO Farmer 09 *BootOnly*                                 XSJADO Basic 09 Complete

Xsjado - Jeff Stockwell 08 LE Setup                                               XSJADO                         

Xsjado - Jeff Stockwell 08 LE Setup                  The Xsjado, which will change the way you, and everyone else looks at skates. when you look at the Xsjado skate you may love it or hate it, but no matter what your opinion is of how it looks, you can't deny that its like no other skate on the planet. the Xsjado skate is a departure from traditional boot design and over-engineered pseduo-solutions. By working from he foot-out, rather than the boot-in, Xsjado has created a more organic and less robotic skate- respecting the most important part of a skate, the foot.

   08 Xsjado Farmer 


xsjado stockwell